Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Painted CSM specialists

Hi everyone! Once again it has been a little while, over the last 6 weeks I've just started a new job and have been crazy busy! But while my time is lessened, I can now buy all the hobby in the world, starting with an airbrush!

Today i'm going to focus on the melta/flamer CSM and the autocannon CSM I featured in a previous post, as well as a slightly converted DV Chosen as a chaos champion.

This is a front on of the flamer/melta specialist, the gun is magnetized and can be swapped out for either. As you may be able to tell, my lighting/photography situation is slightly better now, but still far from perfect!  Please, read on :) ----->

I used a huge amount of skeleton parts from an old miniature kit from another company, I try to base my marines around a theme, and this guy is a bone taker - but first, he cleanses the flesh from the bones - with prometheum. I am particularly fond of the bone gorget and the left thigh. 

I like to avoid duplicated parts in my models, so rather than use Kranon's backpack again (I have 2 DV kits), I cut the core of it out and then attached regular CSM backpack components to where I removed the newer more organic ones, I am pretty happy with the result. 

This model is also the first time I have attempted to use small railway chain from a hobby store, I am loving the effect - The miniature alter of bones held up by skeletal hands is a beloved part of this conversion for me. 

Next up is the champion, as usual, the detail on these amazing DV sculpts puts the old plastic marines to shame, the conversion work I put in to my regular troops is merely to make it possible for me to stand the miniatures side by side without cringing! I use my DV chosen as chaos champions, and to do this I usually need to swap out their power weapons - lucky I have plenty of raptor chainswords, which are suitably detailed to fit perfectly with the chosen sculpts. 

In the interests of both keeping my models WYSIWYG, as well as not re-using the same highly unique sculpts, I made my own 'bolter chained to backpack' rather than using the one being reloaded by a tentacle twice. The sword is also magnetized, so his original power axe can be used!

So these are the mostly painted weapon swaps for the two above miniatures, they are unfinished mostly because I am lazy, and when a model seems finished, I generally move on to something else, like my predator. However, I endeavor to finish these in the next week while I wait for paint to dry.

And the final soldier for this post, the autocannon marine. I used a fair amount of plasticard to add minor detailing to this model, as well as some etched brass for the autocannon. I try to ignore how phallic the autocannon can look when you look at the skeleton, and focus on how cool it is. 

Not much to say here, just another angle, showing more plasticard - especially happy with the elbow pads. 

Parting shot of the blog post today, I also like the little lightning motif I added with plasticard on either side of the shoulder skull decor, and a decent shot of the tigris pattern bolt pistol from forge world. (I keep my models WYSIWYG at all times, so grenades and pistols are a must.

Thanks for taking your time to read this, I've almost finished my converted predator so a post on that shouldn't be too far away. Please comment if you like what you see here, and follow my blog for ever increasingly better posts :)!

Cheers! David

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