Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Painted CSM specialists

Hi everyone! Once again it has been a little while, over the last 6 weeks I've just started a new job and have been crazy busy! But while my time is lessened, I can now buy all the hobby in the world, starting with an airbrush!

Today i'm going to focus on the melta/flamer CSM and the autocannon CSM I featured in a previous post, as well as a slightly converted DV Chosen as a chaos champion.

This is a front on of the flamer/melta specialist, the gun is magnetized and can be swapped out for either. As you may be able to tell, my lighting/photography situation is slightly better now, but still far from perfect!  Please, read on :) ----->

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Aww Hell...Brute.

All the hype surrounding the hellbrute model release and the dataslate rules got me really burning to make a hellbrute. For me when the desire to make something comes I just need to go with it, and the result is one of the quickest paint jobs I've ever done. An 8 day hellbrute.

So sure I've got no money... But what I did have was a Dark Vengeance hellbrute just begging for a lick of paint. I am very happy with the water effects slime on the tentacles, 10/10 would use again.

While I didn't manage to get too many work in progress shots on this model as I made it mostly in secret (my housemate and I are having a bit of a competition...) I did snap a couple, and once it was 'revealed' I was free to go wild with my terrible camera phone. (that turned out ok this time). Read on!...

Friday, March 21, 2014

On The Table -- Chaos Conversions and a leg.

So in the spirit of posting more regularly, I have decided to start posting two new thematic blog updates aside from simply posting my most recently completed work.
The first of these will be On the Table, my currently half created or half baked ideas that litter the corners of my workspace pleading to be finished.
And the second will be 12 Year Old Ham. Which is basically flashbacks showcasing the horrible creations of my youth with some nice contrasts to my newer models.

Today I am focusing on some near finished chaos conversions and a mysterious leg that has found its way onto my table.

This is the first of two Chaos Space Marines that sit almost finished on my desk. I strongly feel that my traitors need to be decorated more to bring them in line with the newer dark vengeance and raptor sculpts. And while I am no citadel sculptor, there's a lot you can do with thin plasticard and greenstuff with little to no skill.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Renegade Militia

Time to post up my latest work, Renegade Guardsmen. It has been a long, hot summer since I last posted. Originally I of course intended my blog to be far more regular than this, but one can only post as often as one completes projects. With a summer of little to no money and heat that dries the paint off your brush faster than you can apply it, it has not been a very productive few months.

A desire to use Forgeworld weathering powders on my predator left that on the back burner, and a commission for a Tau riptide has also eaten in to my time (Still working on that one) --- But I have managed to finally finish something. My chaos renegade command squad had been loose inside my bits box for far too long, and I decided it needed to be painted.

Once more poor photography skills, a bad camera and nowhere to take photos has left these models looking far more washed out than they do in person, but such is life sometimes. 
I hope you like my Chaos Renegade Command squad, which hopefully will head a whole army of guardsmen when the new codex comes out.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Predator - Converted

Wow, talk about get sucked into a project - I was meaning to post every week until this predator. Every single change I made created another problem that needed modification.

This is my first big build, and my first attempt to make anything substantial that needs to stand up to tabletop viewing and it was both frustrating and time consuming. However using the forgeworld renegade etched brass was the highlight for me, a small sprue packed with amazing pieces.
Ultimately I have managed to turn a tank i dislike (the predator just feels like a fat box with a tiny gun on it), into a tank I like, but don't love.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Predator + Massacre + NMM attempt!

So its been a very busy week with not a huge lot of progress! However two days ago a package arrived at the door from forge world.

Inside was my copy of Horus Heresy Massacre, which I have to say is a fantastic book. I am definitely going to be collecting a Mechanicum army (well, dark mechanicum).

In my order I also had some Chaos Rhino extra armor, which I had been eagerly anticipating. I am a big fan of classic tanks such as the Panzer IV, and the idea of side skirting on my predator was very appealing.

While nowhere on forgeworld does it state these kits can work with a predator, I just went with it assuming if it didn't work I would make it work.

It turns out they do - So for anyone out there looking at these side skirt kits, dont worry about it they do fit on predators as well as rhinos without affecting the sponsons too much (if at all, slightly obscures shooting but not enough to worry someone who likes the look of them)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Faeit 212 welcome! - Now with more Decimators!

First and foremost a huge thank you to Natfka over at Faeit 212 for adding me to the blog exchange. It is a huge thing to tiny bloggers like me to be thrust into the spotlight for a second, and I am very grateful.
Secondly - Thankyou for taking the time visiting my blog and I hope you like what you see and continue to watch as it evolves.

I knew I had to post something a little less commonly seen in celebration of being added to the blog roll, so this weeks offering is my Chaos Decimator Siege Engine.

So this weeks post is a bit of a gallery, I'd love to hear what you think...